Group Therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which there are multiple participants led by one or more therapists. It uses the power of group dynamics and peer interactions to improve social skills, peer relationships, problem solving, and team building skills. There are many different types of Group Therapy offered at Mid-Fairfield.
Outdoor Adventure Group
Our Outdoor Adventure Groups are run by licensed therapists and combine clinical therapy with nature-based activities such as hiking and kayaking. Offered during summer break, these groups provide children access to activities they may not normally be exposed to provides them opportunities to accept personal differences and improve social skills, peer relationships, problem-solving, and team-building skills.
Emotion Regulation and Yoga Mindfulness Group
Led by licensed therapists, our emotion regulation and yoga mindfulness groups are based on Jennifer Cohen's Little Flower Yoga and combines yoga and mindfulness practices that are presented in a simple, age appropriate manner. The activities practiced in the group are designed to "help increase children's capacity to learn effectively, manage emotions, regulate their own behavior, and achieve great personal and academic success" (Little Flower Yoga 2016).
Therapeutic Art Groups
Our therapeutic art groups focuse on self-exploration through art. Participants are guided with verbal prompts and hands-on materials to create drawings that reflect various aspects of their emotional inner world. This provides an opportunity for participants to non-verbally examine their thoughts and feelings, and how they envision their therapeutic journey.
Girl TALK is designed to help young girls better cope with self-esteem, personal hygiene, emotion regulation, healthy relationships, and interpersonal issues. Topics are developmentally age-appropriate and addressed through the use of skills training and psychoeducation.
Social Skills Group
Our Social Skills Group is an eight week, co-ed program for children ages 7 – 9. It is designed to address vital social skills such as engagement, accepting differences, communication, conflict resolution and team playing. Skills are taught in a fun and interactive setting
Parenting Groups
Our parenting groups are designed for parents and caregivers of adolescents and young children. The group addresses parenting issues and parent management skills. The group is facilitated in an educational and supportive manner and provides a safe environment for parents to disclose similar shared experiences.
Important Information
Our group programs are available to children and familiy members who are receiving or have recently received clinical services at Mid-Fairfield.

All groups are offered based on the availability of our clinical staff and do not run on a fixed schedule.

Please ask your Mid-Fairfield therapist about the availability of groups you may be interested.